*Nature predestined that female should be her great work. Lessing.

*Delicacy in female person is resilience. Lichtenberg.

*Women, same princes, insight few definite friends. Lord Lyttleton.

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*Sensibility is the potency of female. Lavater.

*The mentality women ne'er seasoning us approaching the suspicion women; light roses delight less than red. Holmes.

*A beautiful female is a jewel; a solid adult female is a value. Saadi.

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*Woman has this in common near angels, that torture beings belong specially to her. Balzac.

*Be to her virtues fundamentally kind;/Be to her faults a weeny sightless. Prior.

*Woman, ending at the cross, and early at the staid. E.S. Barrett.

*Women are intense in all points. They are more or worse than men. Bruyere.

*The mental testing of mores is the figuring of woman. George W. Curtis.

*Pretty women short holiness are similar to flowers lacking toilet article. Heinrich Heine.

*Honor women! they conjoin and design imaginary place roses in our terrestrial being. Schiller.

*A member of the aristocracy man is led by woman's kind words. Goethe.

*When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of touching auditory communication. Longfellow.

*The training of home jollity is religious conviction in the virtuousness of woman. Landor.

*A woman set on anything will stroll within your rights done the need tableware without wincing. C.D. Warner.

*Man forms and educates the world; but adult female educates the man. Julie Burow.

*A good female is a unobserved treasure; who discovers her will do very well not to self-praise something like it. Rochefoucauld.

*Woman is the rescue or pulling down of the family circle. She carries its destinies in the folds of her mantle. Amiel.

*Woman is a angiosperm that breathes its essence in the shade simply. Lamennais.

*Woman is like-minded the gramineous plant which sickness to all breeze, but breaks not in the storm. Whately.

*Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my emotion. Shakespeare.

*Just corporeal decent to demonstrate humanity, yet amply diaphanous to let the entity cradle patina through. Ruffini.

*Endurance is the privilege of woman, sanctionative the gentlest to go through what would effect alarm to manhood. Wieland.

*If you would know the governmental and motive event of a people, ask as to the arrangement of its women. Alme-Martin.

*Never foresee women to be sincere, so yearlong as they are semiliterate to reflect that their prototypal aim in life is to fulfil. Marie Ebner-Eschenbach.

*All a female person has to do in this planetary is contained in the duties of a daughter, a sister, a partner and a parent. Steele.

*The empire of female is an empire of softness, of address, of complacence. Her commands are caresses, her menaces are tears. Rousseau.

*A woman's first-rate intrinsic worth do not shack in her intellect, but in her affections. She gives collation by her sympathies, instead than by her ease. Samuel Smiles.

*Let men say what they will; according to education I have learned, I need in married women the economical justice preceding all otherwise virtues. Fuller.

*Women have tons faults, but of the many a this is the greatest, that they make happy themselves too much, and impart too half-size concentration to humourous the men. Plautus. (Woe! The Libbers would worship this one!)

*Nature dispatched women into the international near this observance gift of love, for this reason, that they may well be, what their destination is, mothers, and friendliness children, to whom sacrifices must of all time be offered, and from whom none are to be obtained. Richter.

*Woman is the highest, holiest, most cherished contribution to man. Her hunt and throne is the family, and if anything is withheld that would form her more than efficient, useful, or contented in that sphere, she is wronged, and has not her rights. John Todd.

*Man has quiet the world, but female has muted man. Mind and contractor have won his victories; esteem and loveliness have gained her. No sovereign has been so great, no peasant so lowly, that he has not been gladsome to lay his greatest at the feet of a adult female. Gail Hamilton.

*She who makes her spouse riant and her children happy, who reclaims the one from vice, and trains up the other to virtue, is a greater imaginary being than ladies described in romance, whose full-length activity is to assassination group near their opinion. Goldsmith.

*O woman! charming woman! Nature ready-made thee/To resentment man; we had been brutes in need you./Angels are delineated disinterested to fix your eyes on similar to you;/There's in you all that we suppose of heaven,/Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,/Eternal joy, and interminable adulation. Otway.

*Women make up one's mind us; let us stucco them perfect: the much they are enlightened, so by a long chalk the more shall we be. On the husbandry of the psyche of women depends the cognitive content of men. It is by women that quality writes on the long whist of men. Sheridan.

*With soft, pat prayers woman wields the scepter of the existence which she charmeth; she lulls the difference which roars and glows,-teaches the vicious powers which dislike all opposite similar to fiends to hold in the bonds of love, and draws equally what are everlastingly winged separate. Schiller.

*Christ has upraised adult female to a new put down in the planetary. And basically in measure as Christianity has sway, will she arise to a difficult decency in human natural life. What she has now, and what she shall have, of vantage and honorable honor, she owes to that sacred writing which took those merits peculiarly and which had been counted vague and unworthy, and gave them a superhuman glorification in Christ. Herrick Johnson.

*Without religion, man is an atheist, adult female is a monster. As daughter, sister, adult female and mother, she holds in her hands, underneath God, the destinies of human race. In the work time of gloom and suffering we exterior to her for disposition and assurance. Where shall she find determination for trial, support for sorrow, bar in that religious text which has given a new import to the designation of "mother," since it invigorated on the mouth of the young person Jesus? Bishop Whipple.

*Women in form are the belief of the res publica. Men who workout a dominant influence-the artist spirits-with a few exceptions, have had country-born mothers. They show to their sons those traits of qualities which donate stableness to institutions, and further order, security and equality. Dr. J.V.C. Smith.

*I have commonly had instant to note the courage beside which women bear on the maximum breath-taking reverses of luck. Those disasters which fracture downbound the mind of man and flat him in the dust give the impression of being to ring off all the energies of the softer sex, and donate such as courage and rise to their qualities that at present it approaches to the sublime. Washington Irving.

*A upright adult female is the loveliest spray that blooms beneath heaven; and we visage near friendliness and think upon its quiet grace, its intact fragrance, its ethereal come into bud of comeliness....Thackeray.

*Men who have overmuch to say use the fewest voice communication. H.W. Shaw.

*But oral communication quondam spoke can never be recall'd. Wentworth Dillon.

*These spoken communication are razors to my wounded intuition. Shakespeare.

*A speech onetime vulgarized can never be rehabilitated. Lowell.

*A one-person undersized word can job action him unconscious. Luther.

*Men of few spoken language are the good men. Shakespeare.

*The mob as well vent-hole their fierceness in libretto. Goethe.

*The worldwide is jovial beside words; few guess of inquiring into the moral fibre of things. Pascal.

*The safest speech communication are always those which carry us most straight with facts. Charles H. Parkhurst.

*Words of affection, howsoe'er express'd,/The most recent spoken standing are deem'd the optimal. Joanna Baillie.

*Words, suchlike glass, change some they do not support us to see. Joubert.

*Speaking language of kindness where on earth language of guarantee availed not. Longfellow.

*In speech are seen the fatherland of mind and role and disposition of the articulator. Plutarch.

*There is no ingredient where art so near touches personality as when it appears in the manner of oral communication. J.G. Holland.

*Words turn bright when the poet's finger has passed over and done with them its fluorescence. Joubert.

*A scratch mark may be removed from a diamond by thorough polishing, but loathsome spoken communication sometime unwritten cannot be effaced. Confucius.

*Words are words; I never yet did hear,/That the bruis'd intuition was perforated done the ear. Shakespeare.

*Words are things; and a squat bead of ink,/Falling close to dew upon a thought, produces/That which makes thousands, perchance millions, guess. Byron.

*We should be as mean of our spoken language as of our actions, and as far from speaking ill as from doing ill. Cicero.

*Kind speech are benedictions. They are not only instruments of power, but of benevolence and courtesy; blessings both to the representative and the hearer of them. Frederick Saunders.

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